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Don’t Settle for Less than What Your Structured Settlement Payments are Worth, Choose AnFed Bank

Selling a Structured Settlement Call Anfed Bank

Atlanta 5/30/2012 07:30 AM GMT (WooEB)

There is an obvious attraction to agreeing to a structured settlement beyond just the costs saved by avoiding a trial and paying lawyers. For many structured settlement annuitants the attraction is in receiving periodic payments over time, supplementing their income with a steady stream of additional cash. While that may be an attraction there are significant limitations that periodic payments from a structured settlement present.


Because these structured settlement payments are distributed over time it limits the annuitant’s ability to satisfy a number of financial goals like eliminating debt or paying for educational expenses. In addition, it can hold them back from purchasing a new home, a vehicle, or making bigger investments.


This is why many structured settlement annuitants opt to sell structured settlements and receive a lump sum, providing them with the opportunity to meet those financial goals that require a larger sum of money. AnFed Bank, the only bank specifically designed to serve the unique needs of structured settlement annuitants and lottery winners, specializes in purchasing as much of your future structured settlement payment stream as you want to sell.


What makes AnFed Bank different from other companies who purchase structured settlements is the fact a division of BofI Federal Bank, a federally chartered, publically traded and FDIC insured bank. This is significant in that many companies who buy structured settlements are nothing more than a broker, positing themselves between the annuitant and the financial institution. AnFed Bank eliminates the middleman and thus offers a more generous lump sum to the annuitant.


Learn more about your structured settlement options by requesting a free consultation through AnFed Bank’s website. Don’t settle for less than what your structured settlement payments are worth; speak with an expert from AnFed Bank today.



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