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Kali Bowyer Ex-Girlfriend of Chris Rock Engaged to be Married

Chris Rock's Ex Engaged

WASHINGTON 5/24/2012 01:56 AM GMT (WooEB)

We have confirmed that Kali Bowyer, the celebrity publicist who for so long was the subject of much controversy involving comedian Chris Rock, is now be engaged to marry C.E.O. of Hoodfellaz Records, Marcus Edwards.

Ms. Bowyer, who has been blacklisted ever since she claimed that she gave birth to a son fathered by the famed Chris Rock, has continued to make her mark on the entertainment industry despite the opposition.

The two were reported to have met during a video shoot for Hip Hop artist and former client of Bowyer Waka Flocka Flame. Edwards along with his older brother and director Will Gates have filmed such music videos as Waka Flocka Flame’s Street Most Wanted, Stereotype and Rap Game Stressful, in addition to their list of credits, Gates has also directed music videos for LEP, Rick Ross, John Blu and many more.

  The uniting of this couple could be the makings of a media powerhouse, independently owned that is. Marcus Edwards aka Marco, formed Hoodfellaz Records with a desire to see more independent artists see recognition for their music and talents.

 A Facebook event was posted on Sunday May 20th, announcing the union between the couple. The event posting reads

   "Since our elopement, we have decided to do a ceremony/weekend getaway that we can share with our friends and loved ones. Join us under the southern stars for an evening of celebration. Special guest performances and a wild weekend of getting your groove on!"  With listing both Edwards and Bowyer as the host of both the event listing and ceremony to take place.

 Rumors have been circulating that none other than Grammy Award winner Tony Terry, will be front line and center singing his song  famed hit When I'm With You, Terry who reached the top of the billboard charts for more than two decades, is reason enough for onlookers to break out their cameras. 

 Looking at the couples peers of actors, musicians and rappers this could turn out to be the event of the year.

 According to the couples Twitter accounts, they have had a mass of congratulatory post from members of not only celebrity media sites, but from platinum selling artists to boot, in-which the two have acknowledged and re-tweeted.

  One media site [The Sync Mag Online] has even promised its followers to update them as the news happens.

   "As we get more info we’ll do what we can to keep you updated. And we promise there will be more photos of the couple soon to come, so stay tuned." posted on In Sync Mag Online.



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