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Jameson Stanford Resources (JMSN) Works to Build Strong Community Ties

12/12/2013 08:00 PM


Arrayit Corporation Begins Installation of Class 100 Cleanrooms in New Corporate Headquarters

11/14/2013 05:37 AM


Arrayit Corporation Engages Professional Services of DOCRO

11/07/2013 06:24 PM


Arrayit Corporation’s Microarray Life Sciences Product and Services Portfolio Available on Amazon.Com

11/06/2013 07:53 PM


Arrayit Corporation Website Sees 26% Increase in Monthly Traffic

11/05/2013 06:21 PM


Arrayit Corporation Appoints Phil Ruben as General Counsel

10/31/2013 03:36 PM


Arrayit Corporation Quotes $217,000 NanoPrint™ LM210 Enterprise Level Protein Microarray Printer to a Leading European Laboratory

10/29/2013 06:16 PM


QualityStocks News - Apollo Medical Holdings (AMEH): ApolloMed ACO Partners with Pacifica Hospital to Provide Low-Cost Quality Care

10/25/2013 08:00 PM


QualityStocks News - OxySure Systems (OXYS) Exhibits Profit Potential with Leading-edge Oxygen Technology

10/24/2013 08:00 PM


Arrayit Corporation Quotes $161,000 NanoPrint™ LM60 Protein Edition Microarrayer to Leading Research Center in Canada

10/24/2013 07:23 PM


Arrayit Corporation Receives $104,000 Purchase Order from the University of California

10/23/2013 07:04 PM


Arrayit Corporation Quotes a $131,250 Services Contract to a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

10/22/2013 07:07 PM


The Guitammer Company (GTMM) and NHRA Team Up through Marketing Agreement

10/18/2013 08:00 PM


Arrayit Corporation Ships Proprietary Life Sciences Products to Illumina Inc.

10/18/2013 05:52 PM


Arrayit Corporation Ships Proprietary Life Sciences Products to Google

10/17/2013 11:57 AM


Arrayit Corporation’s Senior Management to Buy Shares

10/16/2013 05:54 PM


Arrayit Corporation Shares Register Record Single-Day Trading Volume

10/15/2013 02:10 PM


Arrayit Corporation Receives Purchase Order from Prestigious Medical Research Center in Boston

10/14/2013 08:03 PM


The Avanti Group Comments as Panasonic may sell Health Care Division

10/14/2013 05:20 AM

The Avanti Group comments as reports recently emerged that Panasonic Corp. is preparing to sell its medical supply unit Panasonic Healthcare Co. to KKR &Co. for a reported sum of $1.5 billion.


Koyal Group Analysts Report European Stocks Finish At Lowest Level since June

10/11/2013 02:38 AM

European stocks traded lower on Tuesday over concerns of military intervention in Syria. Banking and mining were two of the worst performing sectors. The Italian market counties to fall over threat...