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Assembly Speaker Silver Testifies in State Probe of Lopez Secret Sexual Harassment Payout

11/28/2012 02:58 AM

New York, NY- NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was called to testify before a state ethic commission for his involvement in the sexual harassment scandal of pol Vito Lopez, The New York Daily New...


House GOP Introduces Immigration Bill, But Will it Offer Solutions to The Majority of Immigrants?

11/28/2012 01:19 AM

Washington D.C. - Attempting to get the jump on immigration reform, GOP House members have introduced a bill that would expand STEM visas and expedite green cards. But what solutions are they offer...


President Barack Obama Secures Re-Election Bid With More Than 300 Electoral Votes

11/08/2012 12:41 AM

The presidential election closed last night with incumbent Barack Obama defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney. As of Wednesday morning, President Obama had secured his re-election bid with 30...


Startup Offers Romney Campaign Workers Automatic Internship

11/07/2012 11:59 PM

Startup Offers Romney Campaign Workers Automatic Internship Boulder, CO – ItsPlatonic, the world’s #1 place to make friends online, is announcing that it will automatically grant internships to al...


Pedict the Next President of America Early Vote with the PRElection App in iTunes

10/27/2012 06:20 PM

Ever wonder where national polls get their results from? The free PRElection app removes the guesswork from votes tallied before the November 6th Presidential election.


Predict the U.S. Presidential Election with Free PRElection App from iTunes

10/26/2012 06:20 PM

Now be more persuasive in political arguments on Facebook, with family around the dinner table, or with friends at lunch. The PRElection app shows live results of the U.S. Presidential election vot...


The Canadian Anti-Corruption League Is Being Organized to Stop All Forms of Corruption at the Roots

10/26/2012 03:20 PM

“Corruption is flourishing all over the globe and is affecting every aspect of our lives. The Canadian Anti-Corruption League (CACL) has been formed to prevent, reduce and stop corruption by addres...


Free PRElection App in iTunes more Powerful than Polls

10/25/2012 06:15 PM

The free PRElection app in iTunes is a tool that allows prospective voters to cast their vote early for the 2012 US Presidential election


Free PRElection App in iTunes Lets People Predict Election for U.S. President

10/25/2012 04:15 AM

PRElection, he latest app from Apps4Life LLC, allows voters to predict the election. The November 5th election is a historical moment in world history that will wring in the 45th president of the U...


PRElection Is A New Iphone App That Gives Users A Better Idea Of Who Is Ahead In The Election

10/23/2012 06:00 PM

This election is turning into one of the most anticipated and controversial of all time. The new PRElection app helps users know who is leading currently with accurate statistical reports in real t...


Romney Enjoys 15 Point Lead in Free PRElection App’s Pre-Election Voting

10/23/2012 04:36 AM


PRElection Is A New Apple App That Allows Users To Predict Upcoming Elections

10/22/2012 06:00 PM

With the presidential race heating up and November approaching fast, people are anxious to know who is going to win.


Downloadable iPhone App Allows Users To Predict The Election

10/21/2012 06:15 PM

The new iPhone app that allows users to predict the election and see real time, accurate results is the PRElection app. Now you do not have to wait until November to see the winner of the election.


Get Election Results Ahead Of The Crowd With The Free PRElection App For Apple

10/20/2012 06:00 PM

The actual election may be in November but you can get an idea of who is going to win today with the free PRElection app by Apple.


PRElection Free App in iTunes Predicts the Presidential Election

10/19/2012 09:53 PM


Predict the Election with PRElection, a Free App in iTunes

10/19/2012 06:15 AM

PRElection is a free app in the iTunes store that allows users to vote for the presidential election and predict the election based on real-time results.


American Seniors Association Holding Group, Inc. ( PINKSHEETS : AMSA ) today announced the appointment of Jim Shields as ASA's Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Shields brings more than 24 years of financial experience to his new role.

10/18/2012 02:12 AM

American Seniors Association Holding Group, Inc. ( PINKSHEETS : AMSA ) today announced the appointment of Jim Shields as ASA's Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Shields brings more than 24 years of fina...


PRElection Now Supports all 468 Congressional Races

10/03/2012 11:36 PM

PRElection App now allows voting for all candidates in all Congressional races in addition to the Presidential race.


Paul Volcker Calls for a Complete Review of the Federal Reserve Bank From Reuters, via Elect A New Congress, America's Super Pac

09/25/2012 05:26 AM


Jeb Bush to Pen Book about Immigration, Release Date in 2013

09/14/2012 04:03 AM

Miami, FL-Beloved former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush plans to write a book dealing with the contentious issue of immigration for Threshold Editions a conservative branch of Simon & Schuster.