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Carousel Designs Launches New Fabric Website

09/11/2008 03:56 AM

Carousel Designs launches online fabric store that harnesses over 20 years of wholesale buying power with fabric manufacturers.


A Unique Business Needs a Unique Online Presence

09/09/2008 11:35 PM


Bestsellersbook.com a storefront at 109 S. Orange Ave now sells POD books

09/06/2008 07:51 AM

POD publishers like Lulu.com make it possible for many a dream to come true. It is based on the premise that the person who knows best about his/her work is the author him/herself. Now POD author...


Twitch, Jerk, Freak—He’s Been Called Them All

09/05/2008 12:22 AM

Jonathan Friesen is an award-winning author, speaker, and writing coach who received the diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome later in life. He is not alone—TS or its symptoms affect several members of...


Dragons and Vampire Slayers are Page Turners

09/05/2008 12:06 AM

"Queen of paranormal romance" finds fans with fantasy readers. Book Trailer reaches millions both off and online.


Gustave a postmodern storm

09/04/2008 02:04 AM

Paterson-born Columbia English major, William Rubel wrote "City of Gustave" when he was twenty one years old, with the ambition to revive the philosophical novel. First presented by the Columbia S...


An Aphrodisiac for Book Lovers

09/03/2008 10:24 PM

APHRODISIAC combines mystery, romance and a touch of humor in a hip, sassy, contemporary tale; a sexy urban frolic spiked with danger and suspense.


Hurricane Gustav coincides with release of postmodern storm of a novel, GUSTAVE!

09/02/2008 05:59 AM

What do Hurricane Gustav and Rubin "Hurricane" Carter have in common? William Rubel, Paterson-born author of CITY OF GUSTAVE, a Columbia student who has written a hurricane of a novel.


Michele Witchipoo Profile Now on YourFindit

08/23/2008 02:47 AM

Michele Witchipoo Profile Now on YourFindit


Just Treat Me Like I Matter:

08/22/2008 12:34 AM

There was a time when business was conducted face-to-face, and deals were sealed with a solid handshake. Salespeople were in the business of selling because they genuinely liked people, and they to...


Servant Novel has Demon Slayer Fighting for Love

08/19/2008 04:55 PM

Servant:The Acceptance is a new novel by NY Times bestselling author Lori Foster writing as L.L. Foster.


Brazilian Police Recover Missing Picasso Piece along Side of Sao Paulo Highway

08/19/2008 07:06 AM

Brazilian Police Recover Missing Picasso Piece along Side of Sao Paulo Highway


Michele Witchipoo Talks about Psycho Bunny and Babylon Babes in YourFindit Interview

08/15/2008 12:43 AM

Michele Witchipoo Talks about Psycho Bunny and Babylon Babes in YourFindit Interview


Exciting new vision on art: WORLD ART VISION 2008 to be launched in Cancun

08/11/2008 08:00 PM

WORLD ART VISION will take place from 5 to 14 December 2008 at the Cancun Center, Cancun, Mexico. It is the first edition of this contemporary art fair that is to become essential to the art scene ...


'China:' Limited Edition Print by Artist Paula Scher Released to Public

08/06/2008 01:57 AM


Shopaholics Guide to World Most Chic Destinations

07/23/2008 02:46 AM

Vacations designed with the shopper in mind. Europe, India, Middle East. Art, Antiques, Fashion and Gems.


Ernie Weckbaugh Promotes Book to Help Others

07/22/2008 07:05 AM

Former Little Rascal, Ernie Weckbaugh, devotes his life to promoting THE SPIRIT OF DAVID, a book written to inspire the disadvantaged. The book describes 7 ways to win against all odds.


Free Summer Reading A German Diary by Regine Dubono and City of Gustave by William Shakespeare Rubel

07/17/2008 10:26 PM

A German Diary is a memoir of a 1961 tour of 16 German Universities by the Pegasus Players of NYC. City of Gustave, is a surrealistic novel by Columbia Universty Graduate, William Shakespeare Rubel


Capture the World - Once in a Lifetime Photo Odysseys

07/12/2008 12:02 AM

Once in a Lifetime Photo Odysseys to Alaska, Canada, Patagonia, Brazil, the Amazon, Argentina, Easter Island, Chile, Falkland Islands and Ethiopia.


"New books for young children by Regine Dubono useful for PreK and nursery school teachers

07/09/2008 06:40 PM

A new series of children books is available from Bestsellersbook.com