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Establishing a lifelong dedication to the success & sobriety of its clients-Cliffside Malibu.

08/01/2008 11:55 AM


Finding the right substance abuse rehab for you!

08/01/2008 07:25 AM


The painful affects addiction has on the entire family.

08/01/2008 04:30 AM


Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center Acknowledges New Mesothelioma Diagnostic Test

08/01/2008 02:46 AM


Life is in large part a succession of celebratory milestones like holidays and anniversaries, but nothing deserves a bigger celebration than a sobriety birthday!

08/01/2008 02:08 AM



07/31/2008 11:56 PM

Ground-breaking new approach to multi-vitamins which are raw – uncooked, untreated and uncontaminated vitamins. Available now at The Vitamin Shoppe


Anavex presents neuroprotective effects of Anavex 1-41 at the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease 2008

07/31/2008 09:39 PM


Covering all forms of treatment-from drug & alcohol, to depression & eating disorders, to borderline personality disorders, here is a treatment center that will fit your needs.

07/31/2008 12:45 PM


Malibu is unlike any other place on the planet, from the stunning landscape to the top notch addiction treatment facilities.

07/31/2008 10:50 AM


Web Site Provides Fundraising Tools to Help Sick Pets

07/31/2008 10:16 AM


For Recovery, Health & Happiness.

07/31/2008 07:12 AM


From intervention to detox through primary treatment & sober living, Cliffside provides all levels of care one needs to achieve lifelong recovery.

07/31/2008 05:01 AM


A rehab center that is in the business of helping, strengthening & rebuilding one from the grips of addiction.

07/31/2008 02:55 AM


Drug Rehabilitation in a Private and Safe Environment

07/31/2008 12:27 AM

With all of the influences of the world, it can be difficult to overcome drugs and alcohol on one's own. Residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs provide a private and safe environment ...


Start living your life again! The most luxurious and successful alcohol rehab facility in Los Angeles

07/30/2008 10:15 AM


The number one luxurious drug rehabilitation network referral site

07/30/2008 07:04 AM


To be a drug addict is to spend every day dying a little on the inside.

07/30/2008 04:43 AM


Weather the symptoms of withdrawal in a soothing environment with expert & gentle care.

07/30/2008 02:55 AM


Inhalants Drug Abuse

07/29/2008 10:15 PM

Inhalants abuse is prevalent in children. Inhalant drug facts.


USIndoor Supports Alcohol Server Training

07/29/2008 09:36 PM

The United States Indoor Sports Association (USIndoor) today announced a partnership with Health Communications, Inc., to provide eTIPS, an online alcohol server training course, to its members at ...