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Class Action Lawyers Want to Hear from Keolis Paratransit Drivers

07/27/2013 01:48 AM

Are you a current or former paratransit driver for Keolis America? If you were wrongfully denied overtime pay, you could be owed back wages. Find more at ClassAction.org today.


Protein Drinks’ Nutrition Content Under Investigation

07/23/2013 03:11 AM

It has been alleged that the useable protein content of certain nutrition and muscle-growth products is being inaccurately advertised. The attorneys working with ClassAction.org are currently inves...


Paratransit Drivers Denied Overtime May Have Legal Recourse to Collect Unpaid Wages

07/23/2013 03:00 AM

Working without overtime as a paratransit driver? You could be owed compensation for your extra hours. Visit ClassAction.org today for more information.


Bronx Car Accident Lawyer Seeks Cash Settlements for Injured Clients

07/23/2013 02:37 AM

Injured in a car crash? If you are in need of a skilled New York City personal injury attorney call Peter J. Schaffer at (718) 585-4444 to schedule an initial consultation.


Class Action Lawyers Investigating Potential Lawsuit Against Chesapeake Energy

07/19/2013 03:42 AM

The attorneys working with ClassAction.org are investigating allegations that Chesapeake Energy underpaid gas royalties to leaseholders. Visit ClassAction.org for a free review of your claim.


Mirena Lawsuits Continue To Be Filed As Number Of Complaints Surpasses 70,000

07/16/2013 03:01 AM

Mirena has prompted an increasingly large number of complaints from women implanted with the IUD. If you have experienced side effects, visit ClassAction.org for a free case review.


Bard Transvaginal Mesh Products Reported to Contain Unsafe Plastics

07/12/2013 10:52 PM

Documents have come to light suggesting that certain C. R. Bard vaginal mesh products contain a material known by the manufacturer to be unfit for long-term use in devices intended for internal use.


Tulsa Social Security Disability Lawyers Support New Wage Bill

07/12/2013 09:51 PM

Tulsa Social Security Disability attorneys Steve and Gayle Troutman, partners at the law firm Troutman & Troutman, P.C., are firmly in support of the Fair Wages for Workers with Disabilities Act of...


Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist With Your Wrongful Death Claim

07/12/2013 09:45 PM

A recent wrongful death lawsuit was filed by a personal injury attorney in Chicago by the family of a woman who died in a local nursing home.


Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Can Assist With Your Wrongful Death Claim

07/12/2013 09:25 PM

A recent wrongful death lawsuit was filed by a personal injury attorney in Chicago by the family of a woman who died in a local nursing home.


Middlesex County Injury Lawyers Ronald Spevack Supports Efforts to Improve Traumatic Brain Injury Imaging Technology

06/28/2013 09:54 PM

Middlesex County injury attorney Ronald Spevack was amongst those in support of a new imaging technique that could help predict long-term damage in patients with traumatic brain injury.


Byetta Pancreatic Cancer Claims Currently Under Investigation

06/27/2013 11:42 PM

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after using Byetta, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover compensation. Visit ClassAction.org to learn more.


Mirena Complications Continue to Prompt Lawsuits

06/24/2013 11:17 PM

The Mirena intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) manufactured by Bayer is currently facing lawsuits alleging it causes serious injury to some women. ClassAction.org is offering free case reviews ...


Food Poisoning E Coli Claims in Du Page County

06/20/2013 11:05 PM

E Coli outbreak can be deadly. Du Page County Illinois once again the center of a food poisoning outbreak.


Boston Maritime Attorneys of Latti & Anderson LLP Expanding Practice Throughout New England

06/18/2013 11:10 PM

Carolyn Latti and David Anderson, Boston maritime lawyers at the law firm of Latti & Anderson LLP, have begun expanding their law practice to other states throughout the New England area.


Flanders Law Firm LLC opens office in Eagan, Minnesota

06/18/2013 09:14 PM

Joseph M. Flanders and Flanders Law Firm LLC announce the opening of an Eagan, Minnesota office. An Eagan, Minnesota law firm with office at Eagan Woods Drive. Looking for a business, probate, or...


Mirena Lawsuit Update: NJ High Court Consolidates Statewide Cases

06/13/2013 08:56 PM

The NJ Supreme Court has decided to consolidate statewide Mirena lawsuits into a multicounty litigation matter. This comes after claims that Mirena can cause serious medical problems, which alleged...


Tylenol Lawyers Offering Free Online Case Review for Patients Experiencing Liver Problems

06/13/2013 08:48 PM

The lawyers working with Class Action.org are offering free online case reviews for Tylenol users who have suffered liver failure, as well as loved ones acting on their behalf.


Personal Injury Attorney Lance Cooper Dedicated to Pursuing Justice

06/13/2013 06:06 PM

The Cooper Firm is a Marietta, Georgia-based, full-service law firm providing expert counsel in a broad range of product liability, personal injury and wrongful death cases.


New North Raleigh-Based Virtual Law Office Provides Comprehensive Legal Service at Client’s Convenience

06/04/2013 10:28 PM

The Law Office of Jacob T. Arthur’s North Raleigh- based virtual law office is now open for business.