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16 Injured In Amtrak Collision

Atlanta 10/13/2011 09:28 PM GMT (WooEB)

Over a dozen people were injured Wednesday night when two Amtrak trains collided at a northern California station. Authorities say one train was traveling between 15 and 20 mph when it slammed into a stationary train that was unloading passengers in Oakland around 10 p.m.

Oakland Fire Department battalion chief Emon Usher told the Associated Press that it appears the moving train went through a red stop signal. “According to the Amtrak representative, the train traveling should have never continued past the red signal," Usher said. “It's an equivalent to a red light.”

Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole said the two trains involved are the San Joaquin, which travels from Bakersfield to Oakland, and the Coast Starlight, which travels from Los Angeles to Seattle.

A total of sixteen people suffered injuries. It is unclear how many injuries occurred on each train. Most of the injuries were minor.


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