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It is not about the Birth Certificate...Stupid!


Fountain Valley 12/29/2010 04:38 AM GMT (WooEB)

Obama administration desperate to lay down new smoke screen!  Suddenly as if by magic the new governor of Hawaii, some believe placed there for just this purpose, to quash the Birther movement.'s contention Obama is not eligible to be president.

Fears fueled by recent court martial of  highly decorated military officer Terry Lakin, have the Obama "Birther squad" sweating  bullets over increasing public concern about the Obama legitimacy to hold the elected office of President.

Here is more on the latest details as reported by noted author and editor of the Patriots News, Mr. J.B. Williams

Source: Managing Editor - (12/28/10)

International leftists and anti-American Democratic Socialists like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews(1) care, that’s who! These folks are the real “birthers,” desperate to prove that Obama is US born, with absolutely no help from their political messiah.

They care where Obama was born because they want to make the issue of presidential constitutional eligibility all about birth place, aka “native-born” status, instead of “natural-born” status, which has nothing to do with birth place.
Leftists want anyone “born on US soil” to be eligible for the office of president, including “anchor babies” and even 14th Amendment citizens, none of whom are “natural-born citizens” of the United States. They want to rewrite Article II – Section I – Clause V via precedent and so far, they are doing a fine job of doing just that!

Leftists and even many ill-informed on the political right have worked tirelessly to make the issue of Obama’s eligibility all about nothing more than his birth place, alleged to be Hawaii. But birth place is only a demonstration of “native-born” status, not “natural-born” status.

History is Clear

Few modern day lawyers know what the US Constitution says or what it means. But historians do know and history is quite clear. History begins with understanding the difference between “natural law” and man-made statute. The term natural born citizen is based in natural law, and as such, it is a foundation for many man-made statutes.

During the formation of our new country, it was necessary to establish national sovereignty for the purpose of national security. The terms used to accomplish this had to meet standing international laws and treaties of the time, in order for our nation to be recognized by all other nations as a sovereign nation with sovereign citizens and citizens’ rights.

The international standard in place then and now is known as The Law of Nations. We see this term referenced in our US Constitution under Article I – Section VIII – the Enumerated Powers section of our Constitution, wherein it states that Congress shall have the power – “To define and punish - Offenses against the Law of Nations;” – note that Law of Nations is capitalized, referring to the international treaty defining national sovereignty and citizenship the world over. More....



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