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Swimming Pool Equipment and Maintenance Products, 2nd Edition

Dallas 4/10/2012 04:57 PM GMT (WooEB)

The U.S. market for swimming pool equipment and maintenance products includes liners, covers, heaters, filters, pumps, chemicals, lighting, cleaners, sweepers, vacuums, automated systems, controllers and safety equipment. Sales of these products in the United States have followed closely those of swimming pool sales. There are some discrepancies in the level and direction of growth between market segments; however, due to a variety of driving and inhibitory factors.

This industry was valued at over $3.4 Billion in 2011. Although the market has not shown much growth over the past few years, SBI Energy expects sales will pick up a little in 2012 and by 2021 projects the market will have nearly doubled in value. Products associated with residential above-ground pools will likely experience the most growth, as these more economical pools are increasingly being chosen over their more costly counterparts.

With the recent recession, the United States has had to face its share of economic challenges; less money has been spent on luxuries, while consumers have had to spend more on necessities. Swimming pool sales have been affected, along with pool equipment and maintenance products. Commercial, public pools across the country have closed and construction of residential in-ground pools has slowed. Although the swimming pool market has suffered some, it is expected to slowly recover, as Americans resume their spending and as a variety of other factors come into play.

One factor fertilizing the market is America’s heightened interest in fitness; in the past 20 years, the percentage of athletic club members has nearly doubled and this trend is expected to continue. Swimming pools are often part of the fitness equation – especially for baby boomers and the elderly looking for a low-impact gentle workout. Individuals in need of a convenient place to exercise have helped to spur a demand for more apartment complexes, retirement centers, schools and other types of residential and community facilities, which sport gyms as well as swimming pools.

In order to save energy and support a healthy environment many consumers are looking to go green by installing solar powered pumps and heaters for their swimming pools. Solar power is especially suitable for swimming pools, as the majority of pools are located where there is plenty of sunshine. In response to consumer demand, researchers and developers are improving solar power technologies for swimming pools, already-existing companies are expanding their product lines into the solar realm and new companies dedicated solely to solar-power products for swimming pools are opening their doors.


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