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The Importance of Creativity

New York 3/20/2012 01:10 AM GMT (WooEB)

Unemployment is reaching all time highs, with thirty million people continuing to have no source of income each passing day. For the fortunate few of us who do have a position, there’s a high probability that you’re doing some monotonous job working in a cubicle. Just like millions of other American male workers, you probably arrive at work at early in the morning wearing the same traditional work garb as every other man—a button down and a pair of nice slacks.


It seems your routine never changes, and if you ask veteran workers, you’ll find that it probably won’t. Why is it that you seem to be stuck in a dead end so early in life? Did you not truly wish to be an investment banker, given that you endured those testing years at Wharton and Harvard Business School? Certainly this cannot already be the culmination of your career…


This is the plight suffered by millions of people across the country; monotony in the work place can lead to diminished production over time. Despite how employers advertise that they desire creative workers...(Continue Reading)

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