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Three Stages of Addiction Treatment Recovery Programs

Albion 3/08/2012 05:10 AM GMT (WooEB)

Addiction Treatment Recovery Program

Function and intent of addiction rehab

An addiction treatment recovery program involves three stages, namely detox, counseling, and aftercare. These programs are not a quick-fix. Instead, they address certain elements of the addiction and recovery process such as the emotional, mental, and physical consequences. The typical rehab facility functions by focusing on healing, healthier living, and supporting the addicted individual as they progress through the program.

The intent of the rehab program is to provide the individual with certain elements that will enrich their body, mind, and soul so that they can become whole again and return home to live a substance-free lifestyle. The addiction treatment recovery program enables the suffering individual to overcome their physiological and psychological dependencies on the substance that is controlling their lives.

Detoxification and withdrawal

The first stage of any addiction treatment recovery program is normally the detoxification stage where the individual stops consuming alcohol and their body is cleansed of all the substance toxins and any residues that resulted from their dependency. This is also the time that the individual suffers through the withdrawal stage and its symptoms including anxiety and depression, blackouts and seizures, dizziness and fainting, hallucinations, and other unpleasant side effects. The intensity of the symptoms depends upon the level of addiction that the individual suffers from.

Counseling and therapy

The second stage of the addiction treatment recovery program is group and individual counseling or therapy sessions. These are the core of any rehab program whether it is for alcohol or drugs addiction treatment or for dual diagnosis. During these sessions, the client learns specific skills such as:

  • discovering those elements that trigger their addictive behavior
  • education about alcohol and drug addiction
  • relapse prevention techniques

As was mentioned above, the stages of the rehab process are not a quick-fix solution but require dedication and time. They are the core of a successful addiction rehab program.

Aftercare and support

When the client completes the addiction treatment recovery program, it is time for them to return to society. This is not as easy as what you might be thinking. There are a number of challenges that the individual will usually face when they return home including:

  • the distraction and stresses of everyday life
  • a lack of understanding by those who have never experienced substance addiction and undergoing rehab
  • temptation that arises from seeing old friends and places that can lead to relapsing back into their addictive behavior

Oftentimes, addicted individuals are forced to attend the rehabilitation, while some individuals realize that they have an addiction. For more information regarding the Freedom Center and our addiction treatment recovery program, contact us at the toll-free phone number above.



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