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Enter Real Life Role Playing Game while Dining

Hollywood, CA 3/05/2012 08:19 PM GMT (WooEB)

People cannot get away from technology no matter how hard they try. Cellphones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal gaming systems are everywhere from stores, schools, and local libraries. A local Hollywood restaurant is taking advantage of the technology craze and combing fabulous culinary creations with some of technology’s latest and greatest inventions. 

“There are some people who want to get away from technology at all costs”, said restaurant owner Tim Vega. “Then there are people who want to embrace technology and surround themselves completely with it. Those are the people I’m trying to attract at Digital Digs.” 

Digital Digs in the heart of Hollywood loosely resembles European Internet cafes. Each table contains several gaming counsels that are hooked up to the main server. Guests will choose to enter a multi-player role playing world and interact with various guests. 

“People are so obsessed with RPG games and first-person shooter games”, said Vega. “I thought why not combine the craze with some wonderful food and really make engaging in the role playing game a social outing instead of something you sit at home and do by yourself.”

Restaurant patrons call ahead for reservations and are given a timeslot to arrive at the restaurant. Each appointment is two and half hours and includes an hour and half of gaming, and half an hour to dine. Guests can order drinks and appetizers while exploring the role playing world. 

Digital Digs currently features three role playing worlds for patrons to choose from. The available worlds include a first person shooting adventure that allows patrons to explore and attack, a fantasy world filled with elves, goblins and giants, and a sci-fi adventure filled with crazy aliens and out-of-this-world creatures. 

“People expect Digital Digs to be all about the gaming experience”, said Vega. “I wanted it to also be about the food which is why I hired some of the best chefs America has to offer.” 

Digital Digs features culinary creations from around the world, and currently employs the top ranking culinary students from schools all across America, Canada and France. Dishes are named after famous video and computer games, and are rated 5-star quality by local food critics. 

“I fully expected this to just be some joke restaurant”, said local food critic, Danielle Graves. “I was certainly wrong. Digital Digs served some of the best tasting food I’ve had in a long time. If you plan on going there I highly recommend you try the prime rib. I don’t remember the “techie” name for it but it was some of the best I’ve ever had.”



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