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Alternative drug rehabilitation facility

Albion, MI 3/03/2012 04:15 AM GMT (WooEB)

Though there are numerous drug rehab facilities, it is not necessary that all of them have successful rehab treatment programs or have the same pattern of philosophy. With multitude choices available, the addicted individual is confused. However, the basic understanding about drug rehabilitation facilities is that they are established to help addicted individuals with varying backgrounds but common afflictions of addictions get well and live a live of sobriety. Usually the drug rehab centers follow a pattern of treatment which is classified as alternative and traditional therapies. Though the sole aim of both therapy patterns is the same- of curing the individual of the addiction, everything else differs.

Traditional treatment and therapy is set amidst clinic like ambience, which maybe intimidating while these therapy patterns focus on only the physical aspect of the physical aspect of the addiction. This is one of the main reasons that traditional therapy treatments have failed drastically when compared with alternative therapies. Additionally, the conventional methods have a standard treatment plan which may or may not suit different individuals, that in turn is a leading cause of relapses as the individual goes back to community life. With learning the proper skills to know about the triggers, the individual succumbs to the cravings. This is one of the major shortcomings of the traditional therapy methods.

Treatment at alternative drug rehab facility

Conversely, alternative method sand therapies have proved to be highly successful as they address the physiological, mental, psychological and spiritual needs of the addicted individual. Our alternative drug rehabilitation facility is known for its high success rate of over 70%, one of the highest in US because of the comprehensive treatment that is provided to the individual. From diagnosis and evaluation of the addiction to detoxification, treatment and recovery, aftercare programs and alternative therapies such as meditation, yoga, sauna, and acupressure are provided. The combination of these different therapies amalgamates to provide the addicted individual the best possible way to have a complete recovery.

At our alternative drug rehabilitation facility, after the initial evaluation of the current health conditions and level of addiction, the individual enters detoxification stage. The addicted individual is purges off the accumulated toxins and completely abstains from the substance that was being abused. The withdrawal symptoms are reduced with medical support and the stage lasts from 2- 8 days. The real addiction treatment starts after this. With a combination of psychotherapy and one-to-one and group counseling sessions, the addicted individual learns to deal with the real issues that led to the addiction. In some cases, a dual diagnosis is required and the mental disorder that co-exists requires being treated simultaneously.

The drug rehab programs can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending upon the severity of the addiction and the time each individual takes to recoup and recover from the addiction. With support groups and aftercare programs, there are nearly no chances of relapse hen treated at alternative drug rehabilitation facility such as ours.



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