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Hollywood Takes on Dining with Dino Program

Seattle, WA 2/24/2012 10:09 PM GMT (WooEB)

Hollywood celebrities have some pretty out-of-the-box wants and demands, and a new restaurant to hit Sunset Boulevard helps meet one of those demands – the ability to dine with their exotic pet. Back to Nature, allows guests to dine on five-star quality dishes with their exotic pet.

“Other Hollywood restaurants allowed people to dine with their dog”, founder of Back to Nature Ned Thomas said. “That’s fine if your pet is a dog, but what about if you have fish, parrots, or other animals? We wanted to meet those people’s demands and allow them to dine out with their pet.”

Back to Nature offers two separate menus: one for humans and one for pets. Guests can choose from five-star quality dishes ranging from fillet mignon, to blue cheese stuffed chicken breasts. While their furry and scaled friends can dine on raw meat, bird seed, and other animal-appropriate food. All food is prepared by head chef, Michael Bonton, a recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Pet food is prepared by veterinarian chef, Gina Holiday.

“We wanted to serve dishes to the pets that are pet-appropriate”, Thomas said. “So we brought in a trained animal nutritionist expert to help devise a menu that’ll meet our clients’ needs.”

Back to Nature currently serves alligators, ferrets, mice, rats, fish, exotic birds, and many different reptiles. More animals are being added daily.

“We have menus for a wide variety of animals”, Thomas said. “If guests don’t see their pet on the list of approved pet’s they can call ahead and we’ll make a special dish up for when they arrive.”

Diners who don’t have the luxury of having their own exotic pet to bring to dinner can take advantage of the restaurant’s “Dining with Dino” program. “Dining with Dino” allow guests to rent a pet for their dinner. Ferrets, parrots, and other reptilian animals are available for rent. Prices vary depending upon the type of animal.

“Back to Nature is about animal lovers enjoying a great meal with the ones they love,” Thomas explains. “Not everyone is lucky enough to have their own pet they can bring with them to dinner. So we allow guests to borrow a pet and dine with them for an hour or two.”

Back to Nature opened to rave reviews during its first month of business. Guests have been reserving seats as far as six month in advance.

“I laughed when I heard I could dine with my fish”, Nina Fallows, a diner at Back to Nature said. “I don’t laugh anymore. It was an awesome experience and one I’d highly recommend anyone try.”

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