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Paolo Lazzarini discovers hosted remote astronomy at GRAS

My real passion for this "sport" exploded as a consequence of an unforgettable night

Fountain Valley, California 5/11/2009 02:17 AM GMT (WooEB)

Global-Rent-a-scope (GRAS)  is proud to present the work of Paolo Lazzarini of  Lecco (LC), Italy.

Paolo relates his own story as to how he joined the GRAS Adventure of discovery.  Read Paolo's fascinating encounter as only he could describe the events that led him to GRAS.

Now you can share in Paolo's adventure as he shares his special remote telescope system located in Australia.  A system we call GRAS-010 (G10).  Paolo has just added a full compliment of narrow-band filters.  Ha, SII and OIII.

Paolo Giuliano Lazzarini - Astro-photographer


Since 1998, I have been employed by ADS International, a company in the field of opto-mechanics for large ground-based optical and radio telescope. My full name is Paolo Giuliano Lazzarini; I live in, Lecco (LC), Italy.

Eta Carina

As an aerospace engineer, I am currently a member of the team working on the design and construction of the Adaptive Secondary Mirror for one of the ESO-VLT telescopes. We are also developing the two Adaptive Secondary Mirrors for the Mt. Graam based LBT (AZ, USA). Interestingly enough at 37 years old and even though I am completely immersed in scientific work, my interest in amateur astronomy had been non-existent; well that is until about 8 years ago.

My real passion for this "sport" exploded as a consequence of an unforgettable night, when I put my eye to the eyepiece of a telescope of a friend of mine, Angelo. I was literally flashed by the view of the Lord of Rings in such a small scope. From that time on I was really struck by an "insane" passion for astrophotography.

I used to travel in the Italian Alps with my "UNportable" setup looking for a dark spot, not an easy life but full of feelings. Sometimes, to make my life a bit easier I also enjoyed the full robotic experience of remote imaging. I searched The Net and find The Global-Rent-a-scope Network.
Why not : (GRAS) easily unveiled the secrets of New Mexico and Australian dark skies.... WOW

Lamdba in Centaurus

But last spring my life I was at bifurcation point. As a result of my last imaging night on the field I ended up in a very dramatic experience, concluded at the nearby hospital for 3 weeks, because of the effects of a sort of serious medical crisis.

Also here I want to thank all the guys in my imaging group, The Forum Astrofili Italiani. They really supported me in those difficult and never ending minutes. Thanks guys.

Now I fell well, but the passion for astro-photography was meaning to much in my life at that point to renounce as the doctors suggested me: << You have to sleep at night Paolo, is important for you!!! >>.
How can I sleep if I have to take pictures of the sky, I told them..... .:)

Was not a good period but in the time frame of 1 second Arnie came to my mind. Yes: Arnie: I sent him an email, after a long period since our last chat and in one hour most of the project was already outlined. He arranged a way to launch my setup on the other side of the planet. Under the dark sky of the Australian outback and under the protection of GRAS.

Well, it happens that the Australian night is pretty well overlapped with the Italian daytime... life is funny sometimes. I can shoot during the day. Everyone is happy, doctors included.

Well after few months of frantic operations my TEC140 Apochromatic refractor is in Australia. It seats on a red rock solid mount and is, always, ready to shoot for me and all the friends of GRAS

I here want to thank Brad Moore for managing the entire technical process, down to the installation of the scope. Thanks Brad.
I also want to spend a special word for Arnie for having provided me with this opportunity.

GRAS 10 lives at Moorook now, in South Australia !
The observatory that I always dreamt to have in Italy is down under, I call it informally "The Red Squirrel observatory" (don't ask me why), but You can call it GRAS10. And You can use it !

All the best, Paolo Lazzarini

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