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Your Baby Can Read Lawsuit Filed in California

New York 3/03/2011 12:08 AM GMT (WooEB)

A Your Baby Can Read class action lawsuit has been filed in California on behalf of consumers who purchased the infant and toddler educational products based on the company’s claims regarding the effectiveness of the Your Baby Can Read! systems. According to the class action complaint, Your Baby Can, LLC falsely represented to consumers that the systems could teach children and infants how to read at an extraordinarily young age. The Your Baby Can Read class action alleges that the company made several false and misleading claims regarding the Can Read Systems, including that the products could teach infants with Down’s syndrome how to read and enable five-year-olds to read junior high school level books. If you purchased the Your Baby Can Read System based on the company’s claims, you may be entitled to compensation in light of the California Your Baby Can Read lawsuit. Visit http://www.classaction.org/your-baby-can-read.html for a free evaluation of your claim and to learn more about allegations of a Your Baby Can Read scam

The California Your Baby Can Read class action lawsuit also alleges that scientific evidence does not support claims that the Can Read systems can develop an infant’s ability to read. According to the suit, scientific experts who tested the claims found that infants using the educational tools are not reading, but rather memorizing the shapes of letters placed in front of them. The Your Baby Can Read lawsuit further claims that these experts believe there is no evidence that the systems rote memorization process boosts a child’s ability to read and comprehend. 

Due to allegations regarding the Your Baby Can Read systems, owners of the educational products may be able to join a class action lawsuit. A Your Baby Can Read class action would give parents, teachers and other consumers who purchased the product the opportunity to collectively bring a claim in court and recover financial compensation for damages. To find out if you are eligible for legal recourse and to learn more about allegations of a Your Baby Can Read scam, visit Class Action.org today. 

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