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Las Vegas Small Business Law Firm Announces its New Small Business Blog

Las Vegas 2/05/2011 12:19 AM GMT (WooEB)

The Bunker Law Group now provides another resource for Nevada small and micro businesses with its Small Business Blog. The Bunker Law Group is a Las Vegas, Nevada based boutique law firm that specializes in helping new and current small and micro businesses. The firm’s founder, Benjamin Bunker, Esq., is now showcasing his expertise through his Small Business Blog. The Blog covers a variety of topics related to small and micro businesses, including: formation issues; intellectual property; business planning; and marketing, among many others. Readers can access this valuable information, free of charge, by visiting http://bunkerlawgroup.com/the-las-vegas-nevada-small-business-blog/.
Mr. Bunker has spent many years practicing business law in Nevada, including serving as a business lawyer for several publicly traded e-commerce/marketing companies based in the Las Vegas valley. This experience, in addition to many years as a litigator, provides a robust foundation of knowledge that can be showcased in The Bunker Law Group’s Small Business Blog.

 In addition to Mr. Bunker’s own experience and insight, the Small Business Blog will play host to other individuals from relevant industries that will blog about topics important to small and micro businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Small Business Blog will be an information hub for people looking to start a new business or even current small business owners.

With the Small Business Blog provided by The Bunker Law Group, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and micro businesses in Nevada will have an up-to-date resource that will educate and inform them. The various topics of the blog will cover current issues facing businesses and how to maximize success. For more information on small business law, please visit The Bunker Law Group’s website at BunkerLawGroup.com.

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