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Costello & Mains, P.C. Files Transgender Employment and Housing Discrimination Lawsuit

Mount Laurel 10/27/2010 09:27 PM GMT (WooEB)

New Jersey employment law firm Costello & Mains, P.C. has filed a lawsuit on behalf of April Murdoch, a male to female transsexual who was viciously tormented by her employer when her landlord, who entered her apartment without her permission and discovered paperwork pertaining to her transition, informed her employer of his find. 

“This is one of the more egregious and profound examples of hostility to transgendered persons," says partner Kevin Costello. “Her landlord invaded her privacy, called her homophobic names, and then kicked her out of her apartment. Then he told April's employer, who proceeded to torment her on the job with homophobic hate speech. He also forced her to work overtime without pay, under threat that he would ruin her life if she didn't comply." Finally, the suit claims, she was discharged. 

"We hope not only that justice will be done," Kevin says, "but also that by continuing to expose the sort of hate transgendered people endure for having the courage to be who they are, we can start to reverse the societal bias and ignorance that so often infects the lives of transgendered people. They already have enough challenges without such outright and hateful discrimination." 

The employment law attorneys at Costello & Mains, P.C. are dedicated to protecting the rights of New Jersey workers. If you suspect your employee or civil rights have been violated, visit http://www.costellomains.com/ today for a free legal evaluation of your claim. 

About the Law Offices of Costello & Mains, P.C. 

Kevin Costello and Deborah Mains have been fighting for the workers of New Jersey for nearly 30 years between them, having counseled and represented unions and workers for their entire careers. They can fight your employment rights, harassment, retaliation, discrimination or wrongful discharge claim in Court. If you have questions about employment rights in New Jersey, visit http://www.costellomains.com/.



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