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ET iPhone Home!

Use your iPhone to image galaxies!

Melbourne 10/15/2010 05:13 AM GMT (WooEB)

On the 14th of October a GRAS driver in the Netherlands named Ype de Lang was at work doing his day job, he stopped for a break and activated his iPhone 3GS and made a call.

He pushed a few buttons on the screen, made a few decisions and then waited for the reply, maybe he was sipping on a short black coffee and nibbling on a slice of hot apple strudel during lunch? (Well i would be)

By the time he finished his cup, eaten the last of the pie from his plate, he had a LONG DISTANCE Email reply. From the galaxy M33!

Here you see the result. M33, 600sec one shot color image from GRAS-003, made whilst Ype de Lang was still at his workplace in the Netherlands with his iPhone 3GS. Amazing image and well done Ype. Now get back to work!



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