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Recent College Graduates Can Post Resumes on Finditt Jobs

Atlanta, GA 5/14/2008 06:22 AM GMT (WooEB)

Recent college graduates can upload their resumes on Finditt Jobs.  While many students have their career paths already detailed, various students begin the quest for their dream jobs after college.


Finditt Jobs allows recent college graduates to post resumes to maximize their employment opportunities. Finditt Jobs also allows people to submit personal videos to allow interviewers to get a glimpse of their personalities as they read their resumes.

Recent college graduates can select between full-time, part-time, internships or temp jobs amongst a myriad of industries, maximizing the full range of their employment options.


Posting resumes is not only efficient, effective and elaborate, but it is also free.


People just create a profile with a log-in name and password, and they will have full access to the Jobs section of Finditt.com. The profile will store saved searches and saved listings to the results of each person based on their previous postings.


The profile created for jobs will allow the person to have full access to the rest of the services offered on Finditt, such as Autos, Classified, YourFindit and Videos.


Finditt Jobs is located at http://jobs.finditt.com



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