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Musicians Promote Music Worldwide on Finditt Music

Atlanta, GA 3/12/2008 12:39 AM GMT (WooEB)

Musicians can now create a profile and promote their music to a global audience on Finditt Music.


With a free Finditt account, musicians can create an artist profile to highlight their musical talents.  Bands even have the option of selling their music by the song or the album directly through their profile.  They can further promote their music by using Finditt Events and Finditt News to post events and press releases.  By posting events and press releases through Finditt.com, performers will reach listeners and potential fans from all around the world.


Individuals can also browse through the artists profiles to find and download music from their favorite bands or find new music from up and coming artists.


Visit Finditt Music at Finditt Music today to create your music profile or download new music.



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