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"Blog This" With David Kamatoy
Kicks Off First Show

Episode 1: What is a blog?, Smartphone Wars & Mark Christopher Lawrence

San Diego,CA 3/23/2010 01:03 PM GMT (WooEB)

Entrepreneur, Marketing Master, and Entertainer David Kamatoy kicks off his new online program, "Blog This," with a look at the Internet, technology, and theater. This first in a new series of video programs sets a tone for an irreverent look at information, technology, and "whatever we feel like covering." In the inaugural webisode, David Kamatoy discusses blogging and tweeting, reviews some of the new smart phones, and looks back at opening night of a local production of August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson."

"Blog This" With David Kamatoy is targeted at entrepreneurs, entertainers, and e-marketers...
The show provides enough information and entertainment to keep any Internet video watcher coming back for more. David Kamatoy begins his first episode with an explanation of blogging and how it relates to video blogging, podcasting, and traditional media. One of the goals of "Blog This" is helping people better understand the role of blogging in promoting businesses and projects. The program itself is very much in a blog format. "What's unique about the content of this show is that it's literally going to be on random formats," says creator and host David Kamatoy.

"Blog This" With David Kamatoy is helping people better understand the role of blogging in promoting businesses and projects.
In his technology section, David Kamatoy looks at and compares the Palm Pre, the Nexus One, the Blackberry 8330, and the iPhone.  More than just comparing, he delves into some of the plusses and minuses of both the various phones and their carriers.  David Kamatoy provides his own particular take on the good, the bad, and the just plain strange of these smart phones and their technology, and gives some advice on when to get into smart phones.  There are also short discussions of the new Google "Buzz" and the new Facebook format.
David Kamatoy finishes up this episode of "Blog This" with his video interviews of Mark Christopher Lawrence (NBC's "Chuck") and other members of the cast of the Cygnet Theatre production of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, "The Piano Lesson."  Much of the footage was filmed during the opening night celebration, held at Cafe Coyote in San Diego's Old Town area, with clips from the play interspersed among the interviews.
"Blog This" can be seen at
DavidKamatoy.comViddler and YouTube. Interested parties please send inquiries, press releases to Kamatoy Media Group at 619-573-9456.



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