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Williamston, MI tornado leaves 3 dead

Atlanta, GA 10/20/2007 04:04 AM GMT (WooEB)

A severe tornado hit the town of Williamston, Michigan on Thursday leaving at least three people dead. National Weather Service officials said the storm was a ES2 class tornado with winds that reached 150 miles per hour.

Two bodies were recovered from a pond this morning. Police say the bodies were identified as that of Duane Bentley and Susan Bentley. The couple, who were both in their 50s, were spending their first night in a new house when the tornado ripped the home off it’s foundation and blew it into a nearby pond.


Neighboring towns suffered severe storms and another death was confirmed in Kalkaska County. The tornados, strong winds, and oversized hail overturned vehicles and ripped apart homes.


“It looks like the biggest damage will be in that Williamston area,” said National Weather Service meteorologist David Beachler.


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