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Tinbu Releases Global Weather Product In English, Spanish, German, and Chinese

Interactive weather module is now available for use by online media groups and web site owners

Pensacola, FL. 10/08/2007 11:15 PM GMT (WooEB)

Tinbu, a Pensacola, Florida, based technology company is pleased to announce their interactive weather module is now available in Spanish, German, Chinese, and English. Tinbu's interactive weather module features their patent-pending technology that allows any web site to launch customized interactive content modules in just a few minutes. Tinbu's interactive modules are designed to drive measurable increases in page views, repeat users, and revenues for online media groups.  The interactive weather module can be viewed in the various languages at the below links.
English language      
Spanish language     
Chinese language     
German Language    

"We are excited about this new multi-lingual weather product and we anticipate it will have wide-spread utilization by leading online media groups around the world," said John Brier, Tinbu's CEO. "Weather is a product that is in demand by billions of people every day, and our interactive weather module allows any web site in the world to install a multilingual interactive weather product in just a few minutes. The unique customization features supported by our patent-pending technology allows individual web site visitors to customize their weather experience in ways no other online weather product can match. This translates to more site visits, increased page views, more revenues, and more satisfied customers for the online media groups that use this product," added Brier.

The new weather product has many unique and customizable features built into the module, including:
Current Condition+7-Day Forecast with detail

Full U.S. and International Coverage of all global locations
Today's forecast
Tomorrow's forecast
Weekend forecast
Commute Hours forecast
2-Day Detailed Forecast
48 Hour by Hour forecast
2-Week Forecast
Search a Location globally
Color Maps (Forecast, Doppler, Satellite, Current Condition and Temperature)
Historical Climate
Current Air Quality Index
Airport Forecasts / Current Conditions
Top 10 current hottest/coldest locations in world
Current and forecasted weather for major outdoor sporting stadiums worldwide
Global clock

Consumers will further be able to customize their weather page at any media site using the Tinbu weather module in many different ways. This will include being able to select the weather icons they wish to use, choose the background color of their weather section, choose how they want specific weather information to appear, choose their default location, choose up to 10 favorite locations, and to select what language they wish to view the information in.

"This weather product is truly revolutionary in terms of what it offers online media groups around the world when it comes to a best-of-breed multilingual weather application that can be launched in just a few minutes and at a very affordable price. The fact that it can be installed in just a few minutes on any web site, and that it can begin driving increased page views, revenues, and site traffic from day one - while at the same time giving online consumers an easy to use and fully personalized weather section makes this product something we are very excited to bring to market," said Brier.
Tinbu also provides multi-lingual interactive content modules in the areas of lottery, horoscope, and swimsuit models. For more information of the Tinbu weather module, or any of their interactive products, visit
www.Tinbu.com or email them at Info@Tinbu.com.

About Tinbu, LLC:

Tinbu, LLC, and their wholly owned subsidiaries Gaming Solutions International, LLC, and CyberIntegrations, LLC, uses patent pending technology to provide interactive data products to leading online and wireless companies worldwide. Tinbu's clients include AOL, AOL Latino, AOL Canada, Telemundo, MSN, MSN Espanol, MSNBC, USA TODAY, Bell South, ATT, Media General, Clear Channel Television, NBC Television, CBS Television, ABC Television, Fox Interactive, CBS Radio, Quepasa, Boston Herald, Tribune, Toronto Star, CBC New Media, My Red Fish, Local Solutions Networks, Motricity, uClick, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Hello Metro, and many others. For more information on Tinbu visit them online at www.Tinbu.com.



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