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Pacific Telephone Contracts Comedian Todd Belger Imagine

Hollywood Comedian Todd Belger Videos Go Viral

Los Angeles 8/29/2014 05:10 AM GMT (WooEB)

In a town full of wannabe actors and performers day tripping as waiters and laborers, a new face has hit the comedy scene in Southern California. Former security executive turned comedian Todd Belger, who performs at various venues throughout the Los Angeles and Hollywood area, was recently contracted by Pacific Telephone to act as a video spokesman for a series of marketing commercials now being produced.

Belger has released over 110 unique reality videos on his You Tube channel Imagine Todd Belger.

Belger preforms class act impressions of Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Al Pacino Scarface, Cape Fear DeNiro, Dudley Moore-Arthur, Dark Knight Joker and many Southern Characters, and has created his own character alias Buck Naked from Shreveport Louisiana.  He sing four times a week along with Alan Smith former Journalist from Liverpool, and does many comedy skits with Pete Jensen at Impressions at Pete's Place from an undisclosed location.  

Belger is best known for Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Brown Eyed Girl and recently Comedy Central on You Tube recommend his video Wild Wild West What A Mess Take 2 which is his number 1 music/comedy video.




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