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Parenting Author Sarah Chana Radcliffe Releases New Five CD-Set

kid PRINCIPLES: Five Guiding Principles for Raising Your Children in a Healthy, Loving, and Peaceful Way now available

Toronto, ON 4/04/2007 01:08 AM GMT (WooEB)

Parenting is a journey and it can be a pleasant one. By listening to and following the Five Guiding Principles of acclaimed parenting expert Sarah Chana Radcliffe, parents can create an environment that is a haven from the stresses of the rest of the everyday world. It is possible to build a home where respectful communication exists, where love and laughter predominate, and where kids are eager to do as they are asked.  Now, for the first time, Sarah Chana‚Äôs Five Guiding Principles are available on CD. kid PRINCIPLES: Five Guiding Principles for Raising Your Children in a Healthy, Loving, and Peaceful Way is a five CD set with more than five hours of Sarah Chana elaborating on the ideas in her book Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice.  This powerful toolkit for parents can be purchased at www.parentingadvicecdset.com.

Sarah Chana Radcliffe is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, an experienced parenting and marriage counselor, and the author of five books on family life. Sarah Chana speaks internationally on parenting and marriage, and regularly conducts workshops and seminars. She has been a guest on radio and TV shows across Canada.

According to Sarah Chana, most discipline can be done with feel-good techniques. When it's necessary to use feel-bad strategies, proceed with caution. Pick your issues. Don't ask many times and then scream. The 2x Rule says: ask once and if necessary ask a second time and give the choice of compliance or a negative consequence. After that a parent no longer asks; the consequence is imposed instead. Sarah Chana's CDs and book elaborate on how to implement this technique in a practical way.

According to Sarah Chana, "Parenting is meant to bring out the best in you and the best in your children. It does this through a series of challenges, each one inviting you to overcome personal limitations and develop increasing levels of competence, wisdom and emotional power. At the end of the journey, you are light-years away from your starting point, richer in every way. The process, never carefree or easy, stretches your heart and your strength to full capacity; you are the escort for the first phase of your children's journey. You will prepare them for life."

Please call if you wish to interview Sarah Chana or request additional information. The CD set can be purchased at www.parentingadvicecdset.com. Her book is available online at www.kidprinciples.com.


1. Follow the 80-20 Rule:
Interactions between parent and child should feel pleasant to the child 80 percent of the time.

2. Emotional Coaching:
Acknowledge, accept and "be with" your child's emotions.

3. The CLeaR Method of Positive Discipline:    
Comment, Label, Reward.

4. The 2x Rule:
Ask once. Ask a second time and give choice of compliance or negative consequence.

5. The Relationship Rule:
I only give and accept respectful communication.

Media Contact: David Lipovitch, at kidPRINCIPLES.com (416) 747-6900 





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