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First Daughter Chelsea Clinton Puts Divorce Rumors to Rest

by Daun Lee

New York 2/11/2011 06:24 AM GMT (WooEB)

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton denies rumors that her marriage to Marc Mevzinsky is in trouble. This week’s cover of ‘Star’ features a story where Chelsea says their marriage is over.  The rumors began circulating because Marc quit his job as an investment banker in New York and decided to take advantage of his time off to ski in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. An insider close to the family says the marriage has run its course while another source says they are a happy couple. The couple attended amFAR  Gala this week and was seen holding hands. The wedding of the couple happened last summer and cost an estimated 5 million dollars.

The rumors may or may not prove to be true, but only time will tell. If they do decide to the divorce the high profile couple will need a great divorce attorney.  Luckily, for the Chelsea and Marc statistcs show that couples their age divorce at a lower rate than younger couples.

Celebrities and people who have notoriety are continuously scrutinized by tabloids and the public. It seems as though some of the sources who generated these rumors want the couple’s marriage to fail, maybe it makes them seem more human knowing they will need a divorce lawyer like the other 44 percent of the population who dissolve their marriages. High profile couples such as Chelsea and Marc are encouraged by divorce lawyers to sign pre-nuptial agreements.                



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