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5 Cell Phones With The Longest Battery Life

Choose The Android Handset That's Right For You

Seattle 12/04/2010 07:10 PM GMT (WooEB)

These 5 cell phones are some of the best phones in the mobile market.   Apple continues to sell iPhones.   RIM has just launched a new line up of OS 6 devices.    Windows phone 7 operating system is also a fantastic option.  Can't decide which smartphone is for you?    You don't have endless hours watching youtube videos on what phone to buy because you are busy being a mom and have to start shopping for this holiday season for your entire family.   If you want an easy, stress free shopping experience, we recommend you click on the links below to find out which phone has the longest battery life.   Not wanting to have to spend $100 or more for back up battery? Thank you have come to the right place.   All of these phones we tested was for their true talk time battery life.

Click here to find out What the #1 smart phone with the longest battery life. We were able to talk on the phone for 7:42 on a full charge.

Click here to find out What the #2 DROID phone is with the longest endurance. This smart phone let us talk for a full seven hours and seven minutes on a single charge.

THIS motorola DROID Phone is only $80, hurry, this is a special promotion price only good til December 6th noon.

Click here to buy the #3 Android powered phone, the HTC EVO 4G Smart phone is our most popular family smart phone this week.

if you go to our website by clicking on the click here link in large letters. you will go directly to buying a smartphone that lets you talk for free.  To learn more be sure to click the CLICK Here Links above.
Ranked #4 for fourth longest battery life is the Samsung Eternity

Ranked #5 for 5th longest battery life is the unlocked Nokia e55 smartphone

 Why You Should go with an Android Smartphone?

  • Has the longest battery life
  • Has the most advanced and powerful operating system
  • The Android market has plenty of fantastic apps to make your life easier and more enjoyable

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About Free-Cellular-Phone-Deals.com

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Mary Lou Livingston is the technical reviewer for Free-Cellular-Phone-Deals.com.    Created out of reverence for the smartphones & mobile companions we sell.   Free Cell phone Deals brings together a dream team of gadget lovers to provide tips, shortcuts, workarounds for mobile devices such as: Droid X by Motorola, Google Android, Blackberries, Palm OS Sprint Phones as well as T-mobile side kick. 

With more than 10 years experience providing solutions for our online customers, our responsibility is to give you the foundation on which to build your continuous computing experience with Joy and ease.  Our user friendly cell phone reviews guide you in how to find the best cash back mobile phones.  Our mission is to help you shop smarter and use your conduit to less expensive cell phone services.  All prices on pay as you go, unlimited phone plans and are subject to change.





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