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HipHopBling.com Releases a Line of Bling Bling 1 Row Chains

Bling Bling Chains Available in Many Colors at HipHopBling.com

HipHopBling.com USA 8/14/2011 06:15 PM GMT (WooEB)

Men's chains are always a hot seller in the world of hip hop. Traditionally, gold and silver tone chains have dominated the scene. Often times, heavy figaro link chains, franco and rope chains are the standard for rappers and hip hop inspired celebrities world wide. However, in recent years, men's chain designs were being made with diamonds as well. What once was a women's style is now made larger and more masculine for men with no budgets. These types of chains can feature up to 100 carats of diamonds and other gemstones. They are often custom made by jewelers and not available in the mainstream jewelry market. Online retailer Hiphopbling.com has just released a new line of mens 1 row chains, made with crystals that shine like diamonds. This gives buyers the look and feel of a diamond chain without the high cost.

Diamond 1 row chains are often the same style as tennis bracelets for women. They are just made longer and thicker. The design is a very intricate one that requires a lot of precision, otherwise the necklace will bind up. Each link features a stone that is set by hand, which is why these necklaces and chains are so expensive. Most of the cost goes to labor. A jeweler can spend many hours just crafting one necklace and making sure it is perfect.

These types of necklaces, even when made with fake diamonds would cost over $5000 at most jewelry shops. Silver and gold cost is skyrocketing, and the amount of labor is too high on a single piece. Hip hop bling has released a new line made with crystals and base metal at an extremely affordable price. This is because the power of mass production and bulk purchasing of materials aided in dropping the costs significantly. These necklaces are available for under $30 on the website and has been a hit ever since released in early 2011.

Hip Hop Bling's new 1 row bling bling chains are made in many different color combos. Because of this, buyers can enjoy the look of a custom made piece without having to actually get it custom made. The colors include everything from all black stones to all blue, all pink, checkered black and clear, checkered black and purple and more. In total there are over 40 color varieties to choose from. They match well with many crosses and pendants as well because of the various colors they come in. Every stone is hand set in each link. The 30 inch length is the most popular size for this type of jewelry.

In addition to these popular 1 row iced out chains, the company also features larger sizes such as 2 row, 3 row and even 4 row iced out chains. Matching bracelets are available in 2 row all the way up to 20 rows of glistening stones. Aside from the chains, hip hop bling specializes in bling bling pendants, which will match the chains perfectly. The styles include crosses, large medallions, celebrity inspired charms and more. There are over 5000 different designs so the possibilities are endless. These types of items offer buyers the look and feel of oversized, high end hip hop jewelry without high costs. All are available at very affordable prices.



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