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Juno Spacecraft Waves Earth Goodbye

Two GRAS telescopes in Spain have been used to capture CCD images of the departing JUNO Spacecraft.

Melbourne 8/11/2011 03:54 AM GMT (WooEB)

Two GRAS telescopes in Spain have been used to capture images of the departing JUNO probe as it made its way away from Earth and starting on its long journey to Jupiter. GRAS member 'Scott'  has now had these images published on both the NASA website and the Spaceweather site.

"I rented time from 2 telescopes located in Spain on the global rent-a-scope network to capture the Juno probe on its way out of the earth-moon system, about 2/3rds the distance to the moon, both in a widefield and narrowfield shot.

I used 300 second exposures with 4x binning on both telescopes. G16, a Takahashi TOA-150mm was used to capture the widefield shot, which appears to show the spent Centaur stage in addition to the Juno probe. G7 the CDK17 17"(0.43 m) was used to acquire a pair of narrowfield pictures of just the probe by itself."

NASA's Juno spacecraft and the Centaur upper booster stage imaged as they moved across the G16 field of view. The five-minute, timed exposure was acquired on Aug. 5 11:18pm Eastern time (Aug. 6 at 3:18 UTC) when Juno was at a distance of about  314,000 kilometers from Earth.



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