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Alcohol Treatments Coupled With Bible Based Meetings Are Effective For Substance Abuse Treatment

The combination of an alcohol treatment program with faith-based components are a powerful arsenal against addiction

Lake Worth 7/27/2011 09:20 PM GMT (WooEB)

The combination of an alcohol treatment program with faith-based components are a powerful arsenal against addiction. Substance abuse, whether drugs or alcohol, is a disease, not a weakness of character. The realization that God’s love is there for everyone and that sins are forgiven is important, especially because addiction is an insular and lonely disease.
Recovery from alcohol addiction is not an easy proposition, and it will not happen without some struggle and missteps. But with regular Bible based meetings, recovery from alcohol addiction is within reach. It is critical for addicts in an alcohol treatment program to recognize that regular meetings play a significant role in the process of healing from their disease.
Bible based meetings provide alcoholics with unique opportunities to fellowship with other fellow alcoholics, while gaining empathy and understanding for others experiences. The knowledge that Christ’s love is there for every person, regardless of what life has dealt them, is comforting and will help propel their progress towards lasting sobriety.
Alcohol treatment is an ongoing process and it will take time. The Bible is a living, breathing book, and has much to say about the struggles alcoholics face while they are conquering the demons in their lives. Through prayer groups and daily Bible study, while in an alcohol treatment program and beyond, alcoholics are constantly encouraged to embrace their faith and know that Christ’s love, grace and forgiveness is such a wonderful gift. It is critical to recognize that alcoholism is a disease, and should be treated with respect rather than scorn.  Participation in regular Bible based meetings will provide every alcoholic with the dignity they deserve while continuing their journey to sobriety.



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