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Best Jobs For Women Over 40

Cell Phone User Shocked That There Are Shortages Of Workers in Construction

Seattle 5/26/2011 05:30 PM GMT (WooEB)

Are you a woman over 40, 45, 50, 55 or 60? Are you dissatisfied with your wage and work environment? Do you think you are too old to enter a new career? Did you know that there are shortage of iron workers and Boiler makers in B.C?   There are only 1000 iron workers in Vancouver, B.C Canada.   In the next few years as over 60 iron workers retire, there will not be enough female iron workers to replace the retired iron workers.    It is never too late to go to a trades school.  There are women registering who are in the early and late: 40s, 50s, 60s.     

You are Never Too Old < - Click this link and select the Samsung Captivate phone which is underlined in red for the most amazing career changing experience. Take Rene's advice and use the Samsung Captivate to call your Trades employment counsellor to see if you can enter a women in trades training program in your area.    You may be eligible to get in to a government sponsored 16 week exploration of trades for women.

Want to Make $60 an hour?
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According to Y. Hayashi of the Canadian Living Magazine:

Tip: In the next two decades, 40 per cent of new jobs are supposed to be in the skilled trades and technologies."

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Below is a iron worker getting ready to go up on her harness working on a busy construction site. 

"Through the wars and the great depression, Local 97 remained committed to ensuring fair wages and worker safety. British Columbia became a hot bed for activity during the war with factories, ship building and the refitting of ships. After the war, Vancouver took on a construction boom that lasted for several years."

45 Year Iron Worker Makes $147,000 a Year

K. Butler started her apprenticeship training at 38 years old.    She registered at the Okanagan college. She now has her red seal and enjoys making over 6 figures with all the medical, dental, health, retirement benefits that only most people dream of.

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