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Fight Your National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuit With Student Loan Defense Lawyers At National Student Aid Care

Mount Pleasant 7/08/2017 01:00 PM GMT (WooEB)

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is suing students for their student loans in hopes of getting a default judgement against you where they may be able to garnish your wages. If you don’t act, a default judgement is what will likely be assigned to you, but, you have the chance to fight back to get a better outcome when you work with Student Loan Law Group. Call our student loan lawsuit defense lawyers today at 888-843-1706.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is not the originator of your loan or the lender. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is part of TERI and the loans they hold are not backed by the federal government. In order for National Collegiate Student Loan Trust to sue you for the balance due on your student loan they must provide evidence that they are now the owner of your loan note and that the amount claimed to be due is in fact due.

Armed with this information, working with Student Loan Law Group and our defense lawyers, we will force them to prove these two key items, forcing their lawyers to find paperwork that they may not even have. If you do nothing, you could end up with a default judgement, but by defending your case, you at least have a chance at winning or settling the case on more favorable terms.

Call Student Loan Law Group today at 888-843-1706 to fight your National Collegiate Student Loan Trust lawsuit. We look forward to working with you on your case to help you get more favorable terms, reach us today at 888-843-1706.



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