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Purchase High Performance Powder Coating Equipment In West Virginia from Booths and Ovens

Somerville 5/05/2017 10:00 AM GMT (WooEB)

West Virginia powder coating operations that are looking to produce better finishes for the clients can install high performance powder coating equipment in their shop from Booths and Ovens. We are a premier manufacturer of high performance powder coating equipment and can help you give your shop the upgrade that it needs. Discuss your needs with us today by calling our powder coating technicians at 877-647-1089.

At Booths and Ovens, we understand the importance of great powder coating finishes and that is why we build high performance powder coating equipment that will produce great finishes batch after batch time and time again. Many smaller independent shops might think that our equipment is too large for their needs, but we have the right sized equipment for smaller independent operations and larger commercial plants.

We also recommend that your shop installs pretreatment powder coating machinery that will clean the parts you are coating prior to coating them. This will remove the surface contaminants such as dust, dirt, residue, or other particles that are left behind on the part prior to coating, which would otherwise cause imperfections in the coat.

Call Booths and Ovens today to order your new high performance powder coating equipment in West Virginia from us. We look forward to helping you produce better finishes for your clients. Discuss your needs with us today by calling 877-647-1089 and speaking with our powder coating technicians.



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