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Securities Attorney John E. Lux, securities lawyer and expert in reverse mergers and IPOs, is investigating Death Spiral loans.

Advises Death Spiral victims to contact attorney John E. Lux

Washington 4/28/2016 06:07 PM GMT (WooEB)

Death Spiral Financing
Securities Attorney John E. Lux, securities lawyer and expert in reverse mergers and IPOs, is investigating Death Spiral loans. 

Death Spiral victims are advised to contact attorney John E. Lux at (202) 780-1000(202) 780-1000.

Death Spiral loans are convertible into common stock at a big discount to the market price of the common stock. 

Typically, a death spiral lender converts part of the loan into common stock at a 50% discount and sells. 

This sale pushes the price down, then the lender converts more and sells again, pushing the price lower. This happens repeatedly and soon the stock falls to zero or near zero. 

John E. Lux says “We recently studied 32 Death Spiral loans and found that in 22 of them the stock fell by 98% or more.” 

If you are an investor who was wiped out when a company took a Death Spiral loan, you may have rights. If you are a company hurt by Death Spiral lenders, you may have rights also. 

Contact me, Attorney John E. Lux, to see if you may have rights to recover your losses There may be something you can do about it. I look forward to talking with you. 

(202) 780-1000(202) 780-1000 

About Securities Attorney John E. Lux 

John Lux is a securities attorney and a former market maker, investment banker, and venture capitalist. He has a degree in Quantitative Analysis from New York University`s Stern School of Business and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland School of Law. He is the author of "Death Spiral Financing” and other books on the stock market, including “How to Find a Home Run Stock," "How the Shorts Raid Your Stock, Destroy Your Company, and What to Do About It" and "Bash the Stock Bashers" all available on Amazon. He specializes in reverse mergers and public and private offerings. John E. Lux, Esq. 1629 K Street, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006 (202) 780-1000(202) 780-1000 http://www.securities-law.info



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