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Restaurants Across The Globe Can Join Findit To Market Themselves To Locals And Visitors

Atlanta 3/01/2016 12:15 AM GMT (WooEB)

Restaurants are in a very competitive business. They have the challenge of making sure first timers are satisfied because first impressions can make or break a customer from returning. New restaurants may run specials to get new diners in the door and to attract new business. Regardless of the age of your restaurant, you can use Findit to market yourself online.

Findit gives restaurants the ability to post their menu, create live status updates on what is going on at the restaurant such as nightly specials, discounts, or any events that you may have coming up. Within your status update you can include up to 6000 characters, photos, a video, a link, and a music file. By putting out lots of great and unique content, search engines are going to find your business to be more relevant and that will help increase your online presence.

Many of these new modern eateries have figured out that millennials are all on Facebook, so they have a Facebook business page. The problem with that is, the only people that see your post already know about you, so you really aren’t reaching new customers. With Findit, your post can be seen by anyone, anywhere, so you are reaching a much larger audience. Perhaps you serve fresh local seafood, or the best aged steaks in the area. By publishing content that is specific to what you are serving, you will be targeting customers that are looking for your food in your area. The best part about Findit is that, once you have done your post, you can then share it across all of your social media. So even if you still want to use Facebook as a place to post content, you can do it all from Findit.

Peter Tosto of Findit Inc says, “Findit is a great place for restaurants and business to start at for all of their online marketing.” Join Findit today and increase your brand awareness. Creating your own Findit Site is easy to do and there is no cost associated with it. Findit also offers unique URLS that restaurants can use to further promote their company. Call  today for more information. 404-443-3224404-443-3224



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