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Advances in GPS Fleet Tracking Technology

Woodstock 6/13/2012 11:49 PM GMT (WooEB)

The price of fuel and insurance is on the rise, which can be very challenging for many businesses. Luckily, new advances in GPS fleet tracking technology can help companies save money and get a higher ROI (return on investment). GPS fleet tracking systems can benefit businesses that need to have vehicles on the road. They can help save on insurance premiums and fuel costs while allowing managers and business owners to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times. In addition, they can increase worker performance and customer satisfaction.

GPS tracking systems can highlight driver habits that lead to excessive fuel consumption which leads to a greater emission of pollutants. Idling, suddenly accelerating or stopping, and speeding all contribute to inefficient fuel usage. Tracking and correcting these driving behaviors can help businesses achieve optimal fuel efficiency for their fleet.

Having a large fleet makes it difficult for managers and business owners to keep track of where their vehicles are. New GPS trackers for fleet tracking can make contractors and mobile employees more accountable. At the same time, knowing exactly where vehicles are will keep customers happy as dispatchers can accurately report on when deliveries will be made.

Maintaining and insuring a large fleet can be very expensive. Luckily, insurance companies are willing to reduce their premiums when companies install GPS fleet management systems in their vehicles. Stolen vehicles can be easily recovered if they are tracked by GPS, and this reduces the risk that insurance companies take. Managers often have trouble keeping track of vehicle maintenance when drivers manually submit mileage logs. GPS fleet tracking systems can keep track of how many miles that a vehicle has been driven automatically.

Many companies lose money due to inefficient dispatching. GPS fleet tracking technology can greatly improve efficiency, and many companies find that effective dispatching can allow employees to make more service calls every day. With this, new fleet tracking technology can help businesses make more money.

Unfortunately, many employees take on side jobs after business hours. Unscrupulous workers will often use a company’s vehicle and materials to perform these jobs without permission. Many company vehicles are also branded, and the way that people drive these vehicles reflects on the company’s reputation. GPS fleet tracking technology allows companies to see exactly where and how their vehicles have been driven. This helps businesses save themselves from liability in addition to ensuring that all of their employees only take work vehicles where they are supposed to go.

There are a number of different industries that can benefit from new breakthroughs in GPS technology. HVAC companies can use these systems to improve employee accountability, locate service technicians in a particular area and determine the best routes to get to a particular work site. Local governments can benefit from reduced insurance costs and fuel expenses in addition to stopping the unauthorized use of vehicles after work hours. Plumbing companies can experience improved customer support when they are able to verify exactly where each of their vehicles are. This will allow them to give customers an accurate estimate of technician arrival times.

GPS fleet tracking technology has come a long way in recent years. New fleet management systems give business owners and managers complete information about what is happening inside a vehicle. With this, all businesses that operate multiple vehicles can benefit from new GPS fleet management technology.



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