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Jewels Lubin Rejoins World of Entertainment Drawn By “Exotic Plot, Great Writers, Highly Talented Cast

Hollywood 6/04/2012 06:23 PM GMT (WooEB)

Randy, Jewels & John

Go Nuts Films and Dreyluca Productions today announced that Jewels Lubin has not only assumed production responsibilities for the “Shadow of the Monarch” film, currently in production, but she has also assumed one of the supporting roles. According to Lubin, after meeting with John Luksetich and hearing about his newest project, “Shadow of the Monarch,” she couldn’t be ‘held back.’  

Says Lubin, “John’s enthusiasm is contagious.  All he had to do was to describe the plot of ‘Shadow,’ mention the cast and crew involved, and I was hooked.  My twenty year plus hiatus from filmmaking came to an end, and I once again decided to go after my dreams and passion, which is acting.”  She continues, “I returned to acting class, got a few gigs within weeks, became SAG eligible, and here I am working on “Shadow,” not only in the capacity of producer, but also taking on the role of Agent Glidair. 

“I love producing,” adds Lubin.  “Working the business side of projects is really second nature to me, given my background in event planning and real estate.  Acting in the film is really the ‘icing on the cake.’”  Asked specifically what drew her to “Shadow,” Lubin enthuses, “The plot is based on extensive research into mind control, the script is one of the most suspenseful that’s come along in decades, and it gave me the chance to work with John and co-director Randy Kent.”  

“I can also relate to mind control since I 'm a bit psychic myself, so it was a great fit and opportunity.”  As for her acting stint in the film, Lubin says, “I'm playing a French detective sketch artist, Officer Glidair - she has a bit of an attitude – but don’t we all?”

About Go Nuts Films and Dreyluca Productions

Go Nuts Films and Dreyluca Productions' mission is to make movies... Period end of story... Movies we would enjoy ourselves. Films that root for the underdog in all of us and leave us feeling better in some way for having seen them... Films that give us a little break from our hectic, busy lives. Go Nuts Films is a company where we try to find each others' strengths, instead of picking on each other's weaknesses. The genre of the film is an action/thriller, with two planned sequels to follow. “Shadow of the Monarch” is currently seeking investors, offering numerous incentives, including acting roles.  Interested persons can obtain more information at:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/93515



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