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Church Bulletin Covers Add Meaning to Services

Anderson 5/25/2012 01:05 AM GMT (WooEB)

Congregations use our church bulletins covers to mark special days on the liturgical calendar. We offer a variety of artistic designs in colors that hold significant meaning for people who attend church services regularly. People who attend only on holidays also recognize the importance of representative colors that are typically displayed in the church or on ministerial garments.

For one of the most important days on the Christian calendar, Easter, our artists have created graphic designs that carry symbols traditionally associated with the day. Easter is a day that Christians celebrate with hope and joy, and we show beautiful lilies in pink, white and gold against purple or green backgrounds. Each bulletin contains a carefully selected message of inspiration from the Bible that is especially appropriate for the day. Citations are included so congregants can know where to find the reference for further inspirational reading. More people attend church on Easter than on any other day except Christmas, so it is a good time to provide an especially pretty bulletin on that day.

We have covers that prepare congregations for the important days that lead up to Easter with reverent observation of Lent, including Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Palm Sunday. Each one is designed to depict the religious significance in a meaningful and respectful way. The art and sentiment are so appropriate that many people choose to keep them home as a memorable treasure.

One of our most popular Christmas bulletins features the work of the award-winning author and illustrator team of Helen and David Haidle. The story of the first Christmas tree is depicted, and it is a favorite of many of our clients. Every Sunday in the year is special in some way, and we commemorate them appropriately. Many other days deserve recognition as well, such as for social consciousness and for other notable occasions. We include recognition of Clara Hale and Dr. Martin Luther King for Black history observances.

Faith, hope and love are the central themes in our Valentine’s Day selections, and many lovely illustrations of everlasting love are depicted in our wedding collection. Baptism is a special day for Christian families, and we have prepared the most meaningful ways to commemorate and celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event that creates treasured memories forever. The dedication of a child is such a special day, and it marks the entry of a child into a new life. Many families retain the bulletin that celebrates the baptism of a baby or the dedication of a child as a treasured keepsake.

Funeral programs are tastefully illustrated with peaceful scenes that reflect Christian thoughts of a better life beyond. The Biblical references are selected as a way to provide comfort and solace to the bereaved at a difficult time. Expressions of understanding and consolation are especially meaningful at this time, and our selected phrases from the Bible contribute significantly to the respectful observation of sadness.

Every special occasion and every holiday is represented in our collection of church bulletins covers that make church services memorable. Days that occur between the major holidays or special occasions are tastefully observed with themes that are appropriate for the season. Our artistry offers churches a subtle way to make each service a memorable and meaningful event.
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