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Aquentium (AQNM) Seeking Joint Venture Partners for South American Affordable Housing Projects

Scottsdale 5/22/2012 01:05 AM GMT (WooEB)

QualityStocks would like to highlight Aquentium, Inc. (OTCBB: AQNM), a California-based affordable housing and structural insulated panels (SIPs) manufacturer. The company currently has interests in waste-to-energy, solar energy, water treatment/purification, food safety, ozone (non-chemical) sanitation and food processing equipment, Structural Insulated Panels, affordable housing, emergency housing, and recycling industries.

In the company’s news last week,

Aquentium  announced it is seeking joint venture partners for affordable housing projects across South America.

Aquentium’s affordable homes are designed to be built with SIPs, which are a composite building material consisting of an insulating layer of rigid polymer foam pressed between two layers of structural board. The board can be sheet metal, plywood, cement, or oriented strand board (OSB), and the foam can be expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), or polyurethane foam.

Sharing the same structural properties as an I-beam or I-column, SIPs have a rigid insulation core that acts as a web, while the OSB sheathing has the same properties as the flanges. SIPs combine several conventional building components, such as studs and joists, insulation, vapor barrier and air barrier, and can be used for a variety of applications, such as exterior wall, roof, floor, and foundation systems. Using SIPs brings many benefits compared to a conventional framed building, and SIP panels are approved for construction use by ICC.

Using SIPs when building a home results in a tighter building envelope and walls with higher insulating properties, leading to fewer drafts and a decrease in operating costs. Due to the standardization and all-in-one nature of SIPs, construction can take less time than for a frame home and requires fewer tradesmen. SIPs can be used in floors, walls, and roofs, and using the panels as floors is particularly beneficial when used above an uninsulated space. The total lifecycle cost of a SIP-constructed building is generally lower than in a conventional framed building, and some reap lifetime savings as high as 40%. Certain circumstances, such as local labor conditions, will affect whether this benefit is realized on total construction cost alone (materials and labor).

Those interested in a joint venture or representing the Aquentium technologies in the U.S. or internationally should contact the company.

Aquentium is focused on bringing energy-saving solutions and technologies to companies and countries across the globe. Aquentium is involved in waste-to-energy, solar energy, water treatment, non-chemical sanitation equipment, recycling, SIPs, affordable housing, re-deployable/emergency housing, and recycling. Aquentium is also engaged in an ongoing effort to acquire or invest in new technologies and businesses.

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