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Mena Suvari’s estranged husband is requesting spousal support amid divorce

Hollywood 5/15/2012 02:31 AM GMT (WooEB)

Hollywood, CA- Actress Mena Suvari’s estranged husband and failed businessman, Simone Sestito, filed documents last week requesting that she pay him spousal support as part of their divorce settlement.

In the court documents Simone said that he is relying on credit cards and personal loans from his parents to live and has asked Mena to pay him $17,000 a month in spousal support. His court filing says he has negative balances for his personal and business accounts.

Sestito who is a promoter wants to maintain his current lifestyle he has become accustomed to, which includes $3,000 a month for fine dining.

Suvari and Sestito had a divorce lawyer file for dissolution on January after a brief 18 month marriage. Sestito is Suvari’s second husband.

Suvari’s attorney, Mark Gross told TMZ, “It is unfortunate that Simone has chosen the spotlight of litigation over the privacy or mediation.

It’s wise for a man or woman with wealth and many assets to have a divorce attorney draft a pre-nuptial agreement for them to avoid contentious divorce proceedings in the future. This decision will protect them from spouses who want to take revenge and try to get as much out of their estranged spouses as they can.

Dissolution can become problematic especially when a couple’s assets become entangled and they have children. A divorce lawyer can help an estranged couple settle issues of child custody, alimony and how to divide their mutual assets, allowing them to end their failed marriage and have a fresh start.



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