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Would You Date: The Arab Girl

New York 5/12/2012 01:30 AM GMT (WooEB)

In light of ‘The Dictator’ coming out next week, we at Elite recognize many of you may be feeling the need to conquer the Arab girl. So why not break it down for you in our “Would You Date” series?


Although the Arab girl can rank anywhere on a long spectrum of desirability – ranging from the beautiful, nearly-untouchable royal ones to the more undesirable, bottom-of-the barrel type – they are still nevertheless one of the more respected women in our modern day society.


Disclaimer: This is a portrayal of Arab women from a few different perspectives. This is mostly based off of Arab women that live in America or study here instead of their homeland. This is a stereotypical description of maybe 10% of Arab women. This is made for humor purposes and not meant to offend anyone directly.


The Arab girl will, in most cases, be extremely different in culture, principles, etc than other types of women you have encountered or conquered. She was most likely raised in a strict household most of her life, which means that she will be talented with domestic tasks, but may also be sheltered and naïve in her worldview. Because of her religion, she is obedient...(Continue Reading)

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