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Convenience of Contact Lenses

Kerikeri 5/11/2012 04:19 AM GMT (WooEB)

There are many options available for those who suffer from poor eyesight. Glasses are the most traditional, and Lasik surgery is the latest in corrective eyesight procedures, but contact lenses are by far the most convenient choice for a variety of reasons.

These days contacts are made to be so comfortable they can’t even be felt on the eyes. Gone are the lenses of yore that were hard and painful, often resulting in infection or just general, constant discomfort. Contact solutions come in a variety of formulas, some made specifically for sensitive eyes. New technology has also created contacts that can be kept in the eyes for up to a month at a time and can be slept in.

The comfort of contacts extends to the fact that, unlike glasses, they will not fall off or get broken while during physical activity. They also will not slide down the bridge of the nose while sweating, or fog and steam up during weather and temperature changes. Contacts can be worn in the shower and even while swimming if used carefully, giving sight during activities that is impossible with traditional glasses.

Peripheral Vision
Glasses only let the eye see clearly what is directly in front of it. This leaves a lot of area that the eye is not seeing clearly, which can affect many things in day to day life. Driving, for example, can become more dangerous when peripheral vision is compromised. Something can dart out into the street unexpectedly, such as an animal or a person, and it may be harder to register from the corner or the eye while wearing glasses. Sports can also be a problem with glasses because a ball might come from the side, hitting and breaking the glasses. With contact lenses, this is not an issue. Sports and driving are not only easier, but they are safer.

There are so many different shapes and colors and styles of glasses that it can get overwhelming. What looks good for someone might not necessarily look good for someone else. Contacts just look natural. Glasses are also quite expensive and most people can’t afford to have very many pairs, meaning if they get tired of the way the glasses look there’s little they can do.

Contact lenses will go with any outfit. Glasses, on the other hand, can class with different outfits, hairstyles, and even makeup. There is an aesthetic freedom when it comes to contacts versus the constriction of glasses.

Contact lenses give the wearer comfort that is hard to come by without expensive surgery. With this comfort comes freedom. Contact wearers are able to live their lives without having something constantly glued to their face, without having to worry about losing or breaking their glasses. With the medical advances that exist today, there are contact lenses that can fit just about any eye, from sensitive eyes to an astigmatism. The convenience of contact lenses is unparalleled, they open a world of comfort to the wearer that is hard to come by.

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