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Nanovations is One of the First Nanotechnology Companies to Become Carbon Neutral

Sydney 5/04/2012 01:20 PM GMT (WooEB)

Nanovations demonstrates its commitment to helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by becoming one of the first carbon neutral Nanotechnology manufacturers in the world.

While careful power management, recycling and procurement did help to significantly minimise Nanovations carbon footprint, it’s not possible for a modern organisation to achieve zero carbon footprint status without carbon offsetting.

To achieve this, Nanovations worked with the Carbon Neutral organisation in Australia to analyse the volume of the emissions, including from energy consumption for the production, warehousing and administration, waste and business travel. Once identified, these were reduced with carbon offsetting. Through offsetting, every tonne of CO2 that is emitted by Nanovations Pty Ltd is matched by an equivalent amount saved by a project somewhere else in the world.

Having successfully implemented the Carbon Neutral Program in its own operations, Nanovations will also offer the option to purchase carbon offsets on behalf of its international customers, to set off the emissions produced by the transport of the manufactured goods to the international locations.

"At Nanovations, says managing director Harry Stulajter, we like to be innovative. We’re leaders in ultra-thin glass coatings and we want to be leaders in every aspect of how we run our business.

We’re committed to being as environmentally responsible as possible, so becoming carbon neutral was simply the next logical step."

Harry Stulajter
Nanovations Pty Ltd
Sydney, NSW
02 99755602



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