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Argentina Information Technology Report Q2 2012 - new market research report

London 4/28/2012 03:50 PM GMT (WooEB)

The price of this market report covers 4 quarterly reports on this sector. This quarterly report will be downloadable instantly as a PDF document, with the 3 remaining reports delivered at regular intervals throughout the year.

Argentina's IT market is forecast to increase to US$5.0bn in 2012, up by around 9%, a moderation compared with 2011, when the PC market was boosted by the government's education PC procurement. As well as growing interest in cloud computing, the second largest IT market in the region has strong growth fundamentals, including rising PC penetration, rising incomes, and a high-tech-focused national development plan.

Headline Expenditure Projections

Computer hardware sales: US$2.6bn in 2011 to US$2.8bn in 2012, +18% in US dollar terms. Forecast in US dollar terms unchanged as notebook sales continue to dominate Argentine PC sales

Software sales: US$755mn in 2011 to US$835mn in 2012, +11% in US dollar terms. Forecast in US dollar terms downwardly revised due to analyst modification, but SME demand for ERP applications should continue to grow, particularly in relatively untapped provincial areas.

IT Services sales: US$1.2bn in 2011 to US$1.3bn in 2012, +12% in US dollar terms. Forecast in US dollar terms downwardly revised due to analyst modification, but IT services revenue is expected to grow faster than the market as a whole, with organisations looking for help to utilise cloud computing.

Risks/Rewards Rating

Argentina's score was 53.4 out of 100.0. Argentina ranked seventh in the Americas region in our latest BER table, slightly ahead of Colombia, but behind its regional peers Chile and Peru. Despite the country's high Country Structure score, Argentina's relatively small IT market and correspondingly low IT market score influenced its ranking.

Key Trends & Developments

- Educational tenders will be a major feature for the market in 2012, which is the deadline of the government's three-year programme to deliver 3.7mn PCs to public schools over the 2010-2012 period. By November 2011, it was estimated that the programme had so far covered around 1.8mn students.

- Government tenders are expected to remain a major driver of projects in 2012, following an expected slow period after the elections of October 2011. The Ministry of Justice was among the federal bodies to announce ambitious IT plans. Another driver will be the introduction of new regulatory compliance laws for electronic invoicing, due to take effect for some industries on April 1

- Meanwhile, new cloud computing offerings and increased competition in this segment should fuel further demand from end-users to utilise this technology. In addition to cost savings, businesses will look to boost efficiency and increase flexibility of response to customer needs. There should be potential for ERP solutions in sectors such as energy and transport.

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