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Las Vegas woman wins free liposuction in Facebook contest

Las Vegas 4/25/2012 02:48 AM GMT (WooEB)

Las Vegas, NV- There are many women out there that would love to have liposuction and improve their physical appearance, but for many the costs can prohibitive. One lucky Las Vegas woman can now fulfill her dreams and have the body contouring procedure thanks to a contest she won through Facebook.

The lucky winner is Amelia Garcia, who won the “Most Deserving” liposuction contest hosted by MyShape Lipo in Las Vegas.

Contestants wrote stories telling why they think they deserved the procedure. Over a six month period, five finalists were chosen based on how many votes they received on Facebook. The contestants were then interviewed, detailed their stories and sent in photographs of the areas they wanted to improve. After two weeks of consideration MyShape Lipo chose Garcia.

Garcia said she begged, stalked, and even threatened friends and family to vote for her. And all her hard work paid off. In a short period she amassed 3,000 votes, which put he at the top of the list.

Garcia really wanted to win the contest to help encourage her family to make life changes. Her 10 year-old daughter returned from school one day crying because some fellow students called her fat. This compelled Garcia enter the liposuction contest after she tried to lose weight and just couldn’t eliminate all the fat. She felt that having liposuction will be an inspiration to her family.



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