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Fourth Most Wanted Man In Yemen Killed In Airstrike

Atlanta 4/25/2012 01:24 AM GMT (WooEB)

An airstrike last weekend in Yemen killed one of the country’s most wanted men, Mohammed Saeed Al Umda. The Yemen Embassy in the United States announced Umda’s death Tuesday. Embassy officials said Umda, a top al Qaeda leader who trained under Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, died Sunday in the province of Maarib when missiles were fired at his convoy.

It is unclear if the attack was carried out by unmanned drones and embassy officials did not say if the United States military was responsible. U.S. officials have not commented. No other details were released.

Umda, who sometimes worked under the alias Ghareeb Al-Taizi, was believed to be in charge of al Qaeda’s finances. Umda was arrested in Yemen in 2005 for his involvement in an October 2002 suicide attack on a French oil tanker. He was convicted and imprisoned, but escaped from jail the following year with 22 other al Qaeda militants. Umda was fourth on Yemen’s most wanted list.


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