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Pradaxa Attorneys Available to Review Life-Threatening Bleeding Claims

New York 4/24/2012 03:38 AM GMT (WooEB)

The Pradaxa attorneys working with Class Action.org are available to review claims on behalf of patients who suffered life-threatening bleeding episodes while taking Pradaxa, a type of blood thinning medication. It has been alleged that bleeding events on Pradaxa have the potential to be serious or even fatal, as there is no simple reversal agent to stop the bleeding. Currently, the Pradaxa attorneys are offering a free case evaluation to victims who suffered serious bleeding while taking Pradaxa, including brain hemorrhaging, after falls or minor trauma to help them determine if they have legal recourse. To learn more about your eligibility to file a Pradaxa lawsuit, visit http://www.classaction.org/pradaxa.html and complete the free case review form. 

In December 2011, the FDA announced that it would be evaluating post-marketing reports of serious bleeding events in patients taking Pradaxa. While bleeding is a common complication of anticoagulant therapies, the FDA said it is looking to determine whether reports of Pradaxa bleeding are occurring more frequently than what would be expected. The Pradaxa label already contains a warning about significant and even fatal bleeds, and the FDA advised patients to call their doctors if they develop any of the following signs of bleeding: frequent nose bleeds; unusual bleeding from the gums; heavier-than-normal menstrual/bleeding; pink or brown urine; vomiting blood; coughing up blood; severe or uncontrollable bleeding; and bruises which occur without cause or get larger. 

A handful of Pradaxa attorneys have already filed lawsuits alleging that use of the drug caused injury or death. One of these Pradaxa lawsuits claims that the a Tennessee woman suffered a fatal gastrointestinal bleed due to her use of the drug, and further alleges that the manufacturer failed to properly warn of the bleeding risk and created a drug which lacks an antidote and is no safer than older blood thinners. In light of these allegations, the Pradaxa attorneys working with ClassAction.org would like to hear from users of the drug, or loved ones acting on their behalf, who suffered from a serious bleeding event while taking the drug. Potentially, these individuals may be able to file a Pradaxa lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses, among other damages. For more information and a free evaluation of your claim, please visit ClassAction.org today. 

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