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Improving Rankings to Press Releases through Social Media Sharing Technology Implemented by TransWorldNews

Isn't it time for your Press Release to reach the Social Media Presence your think they deserve

Atlanta 4/18/2012 04:13 AM GMT (WooEB)

Social Media plays a huge impact nowadays on how your business is perceived. Are you getting the Likes you need? Are you being Tweeted about? Is your WooEB Hub set up with all your content in one place?

If  you are like many business owners you are trying to hit everywhere you can with your message. This is time consuming and can be costly when you measure the ROI.

 TransWorldNews recognizes the significant impact that social media now plays in generating awareness for the products and services of a company, TransWorldNews, is a global leader in news and press release distribution is now offering members the ability to take advantage of a powerful social media content promotion technology capable of attracting greater readership and interest for their press releases while increasing relevancy in search results.

TransWorldNews for years has been providing business owners the ability to improve and increase their organic search results through their news and press release distribution network.

With the addition of our new social media technology tool “BuzzSignal” TransWorldNews now can take your press release where you want it to go…viral. Buzz Signal increases the press releases online web presence by sharing the URL. The visibility of sharing the URL results in a in spike its traffic, and can improve search engine rankings. These are all critical elements in an effective public relations effort.

When members of TransWorldNews utilize BuzzSignal as part of your press release distribution service your news is shared to the most popular social media sites on the web and recommended to members of those networking communities. Through these recommendations your press release can be placed before countless eyes that would have never seen your release. This creates additional exposure and presents companies with the ability to draw new customers and clients.

As recommendations are becoming a more reliable gauge for relevancy, BuzzSignal ensures that a company’s press release gains greater readership and improves the web presence through more favorable positioning in search engine results.

Complementing the powerful technology of BuzzSignal is the overall news and press release platform that is provided by TransWorldNews. This platform enables companies and individuals to include a video within their press release, upload a picture gallery, display a logo, and add up to 3 links back to a company website. In addition, each press release issued by a company includes links to previous releases- providing additional exposure to those releases.

Press releases can also be customized to include exclusive banner advertisements (ADit) that feature a company’s own banner ads as well as a URL traffic builder that enables a reader to view the company web site directly at the bottom of the press release.

These applications and tools provided by TransWorldNews ultimately ensure that every press release distributed presents a comprehensive understanding of not only the products and services but the company as well. That’s an invaluable resource and when it’s coupled with BuzzSignal technology it makes for an incredible impression on its readers.

TransWorldNews offers a range of options for press release distribution including single press release submission to an unlimited press release distribution plan. For more information about the right option for you please visit: Press Release Distribution.



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